Marc Q. Jones, affectionately known as “Coach Q,” is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who has inspired audiences from the prison yard to the board room to greater heights.

Formerly a successful basketball coach and on-air segment producer for the Sacramento Kings on UPN and the Golden State Warriors on Fox Sports Net, Coach Q is a professional and self-development speaker who has reached international audiences from prison yards to boardrooms, inspiring students, employees and executives to develop their potential for more than 20 years.

Coach Q believes that self-discovery is the first step to self-development and teaches life-tested “championship” strategies and tools for transforming lives and organizations. His ability to connect with his audience, and his informal, down-to-earth presentations which include humor and real-life stories of success over adversity, have made him a popular speaker and a highly effective organizational coach.

Coach Q’s “Recipe for Success” is based on what he learned from overcoming the challenges of building a championship sports team, and focuses on the crucial areas of self-esteem, leadership, negotiations, peak performance and organizational turnaround. His mentors, who significantly influenced his life, are Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, Chuck Daly, who coached the World Champion Detroit Pistons and the Olympics’ Dream Team; and Eddie Futch, also a Hall of Famer Boxing Trainer, who trained six heavyweight champions, including Joe Frasier, Ken Norton and Larry Holmes.

In addition to speaking to a wide range of audiences about greater achievement through self-development, Coach Q has been a consultant to NBA teams, non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges.

Coach Q has helped students, employees, and executives develop their potential for over 20 years. His message is relevant, eye-opening, and encouraging to allow self-discovery that empowers and provides people with the tools to guide them to a championship life.

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