Speaking and training programs are available as one-time speeches, or as workshop series with varying levels of post workshop interaction and follow up:

  • Staff Development
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Management Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Workshop Materials available in the following languages for ESL participants :


Coach Q’s programs include the following popular speaking and training topics. Specifically tailored special topic programs for your group are also available.

“Are you Healthy Enough to Serve?”
When an individual is not healthy, they are not able to contribute to the organization in a positive way. This topic will address how mental, physical, and emotional health of an individual can contribute to the organization and community in a positive manner.

“Recipe for Success”
Most people have heard that they have potential, but they have not developed a plan and a process to fulfill their potential.

Potential means power that is possible within us. This topic will include a recipe that will help you identify the ingredients you need to unleash your power.

“Being the Stake”
In order for your organization to grow in a healthy way, it needs to be connected to a strong stake, like the ones used in vineyards to help the young vines grow. Taking your group to the next level is like planting a vineyard. The vine needs to be connected to the stake, and then guided, so it can grow and be productive. When people see how being the stake is essential to success, they are more likely to apply themselves, take ownership, and help their organization achieve its vision and mission.

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