“Coach Q. is one of the most engaging speakers that I have had the pleasure to work with in this industry. He gives you the tools and techniques to help you and your staff reach your highest potential. Coach Q. helps you address those things in work, and life, that are stopping you form being the star that you can and should be. We are looking forward to fostering a special relationship between Konocti Vista Casino and Coach Q. in the future”


Damien Wickard
Director of Human Resources
Konocti Vista Casino HR Director


Marc is an enthusiastic speaker using real life examples from issues the organization continually faces. His upbeat attitude is engaging and inspiring for the employees.

Jill Spriggs, President
n Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)

(Photo: Jill Spriggs President of ASCLD (American Society of Crime Lab Directors), Gene Crumley, Department Chair Business & Leadership UC Davis Extension and Coach Marc Q. Jones.)



Marc Q. Jones brings tremendous energy to a classroom. His enthusiasm is contagious, his experience deep, and his desire to help people improve their performance palpable.

Gene Crumley, Department Chair Business & Leadership UC Davis Extension



Dear Mr. Jones:

On behalf of the Sacramento County Courtroom Clerks Association I would like to thank you for your motivational seminar you provided to our Association.

As you know, courtroom clerks endure lots of stress and anxiety during the work day. Some of us need the extra push or just the right information to get us motivated to obtain goals in our work and personal lives.

After hearing your presentation, I received many positive responses about your seminar. Some clerks wrote: “he knocked this one out of the park”, “he was very informative and made me think about taking action to obtain my goals”

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and expertise with us. We appreciate your sense of humor and support. We look forward to future seminars with you.

Alicia Cruz
Sacramento County Courtroom Clerks Association (SCCCA)

I invited Mr. Jones to give a 1 hour motivational talk to 25 Spanish-Speaking Latina child care educators and all women! In the beginning, I was somewhat doubtful and curious as to how my teachers and support staff who respond to a tall, confident and articulate speaker like Marc, not to mention, the difference in language and culture. But I was wrong. Coach had them with at how are you doing and when he said it in Spanish he had their undivided attention for a complete hour and asking for more time! He helped to set the tone for a day of in service in how we work together and being reflective in different communication styles. He not only broke the language barrier he inspired their thinking. He has come back two other times to give a motivational speech, each time staff are eager for him to return again and again! Staff enjoy his show and tell presentations – it makes sense, practical and needs no translation.


Beatriz Levya-Cutler

Executive Director of BAHIA Inc.


President of the Berkeley School Board




Coach Q,

On behalf of everyone here at Eastside College Preparatory School, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to our students last month. Your presentation was highly interactive and our students really enjoyed hearing your talk. I really appreciate the positive message that you conveyed to our students. You did a fantastic job of engaging the students and keeping their attention throughout your presentation. Our students really got your message and came away inspired to give their best effort in achieving their goals. You are an excellent motivational speaker and we hope to have you come back again in the near future. Until then, I wish you all the best.

Chris Bischof
Eastside School



Coach Q is an extremely motivated and enthusiastic presenter and enjoys all aspects of the work he does. He works hard to understand the nuances, challenges and benefits of problem sets concerning any organization he contracts with and is very capable in translating that knowledge for his audience. Coach Q has assisted our organization with communication and providing great service in and out of the organization.
Thank you for your insightful and entertaining presentations Coach Q.

Toni Costales-Servin
Sutter County One-Stop




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