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My mentor, Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Daly, who coached the World Champion Detroit Pistons and the Olympics’ Dream Team, told me that being a head coach is like being on a tower with everybody shooting at you. Not everyone can handle that.

Serving in a position of leadership means having to make a lot of tough decisions.

Leading an organization is unique because of the pressures from every aspect of the team you’re responsible to — those who work under you and above you; and individuals and groups outside of your organization.

Being a head coach has given me a real-life perspective about leadership. I know what it takes to build a strong, successful team, and I understand the nuances of being in a high-pressure leadership position. My executive coach strategies are designed to help you navigate the challenges that come with the job.

The goals of Executive Coaching include increasing your organization’s efficiency and productivity, and improving its culture and bottom-line success.

If you’re interested in discussing how Executive Coaching can impact the achievements and overall success of your organization, and your career goals, contact me.


“I have been giving speeches for many years now, but somehow I felt giving a graduation speech to middle school students and their parents was different. I began to feel hesitant about how to even start such a speech. Coach Q gave me the structure for how to compose a winning speech and how to approach the crowd. This inspired me to write a great speech and one that I know I can build on for the future. He gave me great tips on how to start, catch the audience’s attention and how to end. With his coaching, I was able to see how I, too, one day can be giving winning speeches like the coach!”

Beatriz Levya-Cutler, Executive Director of BAHIA Inc.
and President of the Berkeley School Board

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